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 Important information.

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Important information. Empty
PostSubject: Important information.   Important information. EmptyTue Dec 17, 2013 2:39 am

Important Information

Part 1A
Who can promote OOA/JM/TM
All SM ranks are able to promote anyone into OOA and throughout the OOA ranks, also the director of OOA may also promote into the OOA unit and throughout the OOA unit.

AO+ are the only SM's allowed to promote into and within the JM rank unit.

JO+ are the only ones who may promote into and within the TM Rank unit.

Note: If you are given someones permission to give out a OOA rank, you must use their tag and not your own tag as your tag doesn't hold for the promotion/rank, also you must use their log.

Part 2A
Scenes in base & forums..
I have noticed alot of scenes being caused and bad behaviour mainly within members of the SM unit. This is unacceptable behaviour, time over time i have said if you have a problem with a member of SM - do not voice it, politely forum PM a member of the foundation team or myself, and we will deal with it. If you are to be voicing it after i have announced this then you are liable for punishment. I expect all SM members to enforce rules no matter what, and to not argue but to set a proud example to all members, if this isn't followed i will be taking severe action upon those. If anyone does have a problem i will be happy to listen, my forum inbox is always read - always open for discussion. I do not care for the situation, it is not to be voiced over forums or argued in base about. it will be solved through a pm to a member of foundation only.

Part 3A
I have also had alot of complaints regarding bullying, this is not tolerated in the slightest.. I dont care on your problem with each other, you do not bring it into base. If you have a problem with someone and you cannot work with someone either speak to a foundation team on forum PM, or simply place them on ignore. If anyone is having a problem with a member of staff and not following the correct procedures that i have mentioned and are making it difficult, then you are also letting your rank unit down and the whole of SAS, so please think before you say anything. - Treat others how you expect to be treated.

Part 4A
Guns & Blazing..
If someone isnt following commands correctly, or rules.. Don't scold them or scare them away, politely explain to them what they have done wrong, explain how they can resolve the situation in future, and offer a help in hand. I do not expect anyone scolding for no reasons and without offering a help in hand, i also do not expect anyone to undermine each others authority or to be snidy to get people into trouble.

Part 5A
Returning Members
Some people leave us and return to us, as you are aware they will return at a previous rank unit to what they once were. For example: if you leave as OOA you will return as EB, usually the start of half way through of the rank unit. However, if you leave as SM/TM/JM you will return as halfway through OOA under no circumstances should this be ignored.

Thank you for reading this information, i do expect everyones full co-operation because if you ignore what is said you are liable for sever punishment under no circumstances will anyone will be excused from any of this. Lets work together to make SAS a safe and fun environment.

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Important information.
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