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 Important renovation! [MUST READ!]

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Important renovation! [MUST READ!] Empty
PostSubject: Important renovation! [MUST READ!]   Important renovation! [MUST READ!] EmptyMon Dec 30, 2013 6:17 am

Hey all!

So some of you may of been wondering why you cannot enter base, this is purely because we have decided its time for a change, and we dont just mean moving areas around and giving you the same environments... we mean real big changes completely different.

We will be open in a few hours from now, i will update this post once we are opened.

Another big change is, we are changing from <SAS> to <HS> (Homeland Security) this is because we feel as a agency SAS isnt putting us out there on the leader boards, we need to be more unique, we need to be more pd/security themed, and sas wasnt doing it for us it was giving us a military name which isnt what we are all about.

Everyone will stay the same rank, no worries we will update everyones ranks to our new rank list coming shortly so dont worry Smile

Last but not least!

I am working on a new forum, brand new software, more control, more customization. private hosting so it will be alot faster, more secure too! We are looking forward to launching this...

Please stay in contact with any OOA+ for updates or come in base (as soon as it opens!)
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Important renovation! [MUST READ!]
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