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 Junior Management Rank Duties

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PostSubject: Junior Management Rank Duties   Junior Management Rank Duties EmptySun Dec 29, 2013 5:11 am

Hi all,

As you can see the Junior Management rank duties are now on the website which is great and these are the following rank duties:

As a member of JM, you are to take upon all the roles of the previous ranks & duties. You are to show pure motivation, leadership and other qualities and skills which would give you alot of authority.

This is the first rank unit after OOA which trains you into preparing for TM (Our future leaders) You are allowed to demote members within the OOA rank unit only, but cannot promote them.

Your job is to ensure that diversity and equality is represented in base at all times, you will also work on special tasks and creating new ideas to bring the SAS forward a new level.

You will become the eyes, the ears and the mouth of the SAS while within this role, you are to show true hard work and dedication at all times.

As well as these I will be adding more rank duties for the JM unit. Please stay tuned for the latest updates within the Junior Management unit.

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Junior Management Rank Duties
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