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 How to: use the Habbo Stuff board

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How to: use the Habbo Stuff board Empty
PostSubject: How to: use the Habbo Stuff board   How to: use the Habbo Stuff board EmptyFri Nov 29, 2013 4:40 am

Hi there!

This is the Habbo Stuff board for Habbo's Special Air Service.

This board was created to chat generally about Habbo outside of the SAS. However, there are things you can and can't discuss.

You CAN discuss:

-Other agencies
-Activities (Falling furniture, cozzie change)
-Habbo in general. (glitches, tricks)

You CANNOT discuss:

-Harmful rumors about another individual (whether it be another Habbo player, a member within the SAS, or another Habbo in another agency.)
-Ways to hack the actual Habbo servers to your own advantage.
-Scammers. (although they may have scammed you, it is not our duty to protect your personal furniture/coins. Report a scam to Habbo if you are indeed scammed, do not air it throughout the forums.)

Follow these guidelines and you should have no problem using this board!

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How to: use the Habbo Stuff board
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