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 Howto: Post a poll

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Howto: Post a poll Empty
PostSubject: Howto: Post a poll   Howto: Post a poll EmptyThu Nov 28, 2013 5:40 pm

This board was created to attach polls to a topic when a matter requires the voting of the entirety of the organization. Here is how to use the board, and what to avoid. Once you have opened the topic posting page, scroll down and you will see an "add a poll" section. Here, you can enter the poll question, options to vote for, and how long you'd like to poll to run. You can also edit the "multiple choice" option. This means a voter can vote for more than one option. You can also add in a setting which allows a user to cancel their vote. You CANNOT see what other people have voted on the polls.

Suitable posts for polls:

-Finding a suitable meeting time within your rank unit. (for Directors)
-Voting on a idea connected from the Feedback Board.
-Voting for "Of the month" programs within rank units.

Polls should NOT be used for:
-Discriminate or bully other SAS members.
-Silly polls that do not require a voting program. Such as voting for what is the viewers favorite food.
-Polls that have nothing to do with SAS whatsoever. That is why there is a Spam board.

Please do not abuse the polls, abusing them can lead to punishment.
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Howto: Post a poll
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