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 Howto: Post a screenshot.

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Howto: Post a screenshot. Empty
PostSubject: Howto: Post a screenshot.   Howto: Post a screenshot. EmptyThu Nov 28, 2013 12:57 pm

Welcome to the screenshot board! As the title says, this is a step by step guide on how to post your very own 'Screenshot' to a board. A screenshot is a selected photo of your computer/laptop/Tablet screen which shows the ongoing activity at the scene. Screenshots are a vital importance to the forum as you are required to show screenshots on Fire/strike requests and Vacation Notices, as well as Banned accounts.

Every computer comes built in with a screenshot key. This key is named 'PrtScn' on your keyboard. To take a screenshot, simply press the key. The screenshot will then be saved to your clipboard. To save the screenshot, open up any editing software such as Paint/Photoshop. Right click on the screen and press 'paste', the screenshot should then appear in the software. You may crop, draw or do whatever you like to that screenshot. However, if you are posting for a strike/fire request you will need to have a full-screen shot of your entire screen to show the scene of the crime. Any cropped/edited photos will NOT be accepted.

Once you have pasted the photo, save it! And wa-la, the screenshot has been saved somewhere on your computer (Depends where you saved it).

Howto: Upload the screenshot.

If you have Lightshot just click on the cloud icon with an arrow pointing upwards, it should render you a link which leads to the screenshot if you paste the link into the search bar.

To upload the saved screenshot, you will need to use one of the following sites:

Once on any of those websites, find the upload button. Once you have clicked the upload button, find the screenshot that was saved onto your computer. Once you have found it, press Done and it should render. Once the loading has been completed, the website should have developed a link which will directly send you to the screenshot that you have uploaded.

Copy the given link (and paste it into your web browser just to check if it works), once you have copied it, make a topic on the forum. Give it a title, give it a little bit of information and then just click 'paste' and the link should be pasted right into the topic ready to be viewed by SAS members!

Please do not post any vulgar, innapropriate or graphic content to any board as this can lead to serious punishment. Be mature with your screenshots, if you feel that this will cause a scene on the forum then please do not post it. Refrain from causing a scene, please be sensible so that everyone can enjoy the forum.

Have fun!
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Howto: Post a screenshot.
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