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 Howto: Schedule a Meeting.

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Howto: Schedule a Meeting. Empty
PostSubject: Howto: Schedule a Meeting.   Howto: Schedule a Meeting. EmptyThu Nov 28, 2013 12:29 pm

NOTE: Only Elite Board+ and Unit Directors are allowed to schedule meetings.

If you would like to schedule a meeting please ensure that you suit the requirements to which you are scheduling for. You must provide all information required to schedule a meeting using this format below:

Unit Meeting:

Person in-charge of the meeting:

Backup person in-charge:

Date and Time:

To be discussed:

This is an example of how to schedule a good meeting:

Unit meeting: HR (High rank only) OR HR+ (High Rank and above)

Person in-charge of the meeting: Thejkbi

Backup person in-charge: Duckings

Date and Time: 10AM and 3PM GMT Saturday 30th November

To be discussed: Improving the HR unit, introducing new achievements.

Please include in the topic title which unit you are scheduling for, and the date and time.
All meetings should be held in the Official <SAS> Meeting Room. If there is a problem using the meeting room contact a member of SM+.
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Howto: Schedule a Meeting.
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