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 Howto: Posting a strike/fire request.

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Howto: Posting a strike/fire request. Empty
PostSubject: Howto: Posting a strike/fire request.   Howto: Posting a strike/fire request. EmptyThu Nov 28, 2013 12:09 pm

This is a 'Howto' guide on how to post a strike/fire request in this board. The instructions indicated below will help you step by step on how to post a proper strike/fire request of your own. Please note that only post strike/fire requests for RSO+ and not the recruit unit. If you have any questions about posting a strike/fire request consult any higher rank for help.

First always try dealing with issues in base accordingly and ask for assistance from a higher rank in base if you need to do so. This strike request service should only be used for serious offence for example: If a user is breaking various HQ rules, and has been warned / demoted already then you may proceed here. Many issues may involve things such as; Constantly swearing in base, Dancing in base, Major disrespect, Self Promotion, refusing a demotion or double jobbing.

In most cases it is from you're own decision to decide if you are requesting a strike or fire on this person. Please make this clear in the topic title on what you are requesting for example 'Strike request on Thejkbi' lets the viewers know who you are posting about and what punishment you think they should receive, whether a fire or strike.

Always include as much written detail in your complaint as possible of the scene, so we have a better understanding of what went on in base, You will also need to provide a fully sized non cropped screenshot of the scene so we can see with clear visual evidence of also what went on.

You may use websites such as the following to upload your image and get a direct link (www.tinypic.com www.photobucket.com) or download lightshot from www.prntscr.com which will capture all print screens you command and upload them and give you a direct link without having to go to a website.

Everyone has 3 chances before they are fired, however in some serious cases it may be a instant fire, but what ever you're request is the SM+ reviewing your case will decide the outcome. Every member has the right to defend themselves or provide feedback on each case until solved by any SM+ Member.

Please do not post silly and inappropriate strike/fire requests as they will not be approved. For example: Somebody has said that they think you are too old, do not come onto the board and post a fire request for that user as it isn't considered strike-able.

Note: Only a SM+ Members may approve a strike/fire request.

Hope this information was helpful to you.

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Howto: Posting a strike/fire request.
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