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 Guide: Badge Requests / Vacation Notices / Banned Notices - Format

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PostSubject: Guide: Badge Requests / Vacation Notices / Banned Notices - Format   Thu Nov 28, 2013 3:43 am

Hi there,

Below you will find the formats you need to post a request for a banned notice / vacation notice/ badge request.

Please ensure you use the correct format for your request to be approved.

Badge Requests Format:

Quote :

Habbo Username:

Badges Needed:

The Date You Joined Your Previous Badge:

The Date You Where Promoted:

Who Promoted You:
Banned Account Notice Format:

Quote :


Length of Ban:

New Account:

2 People Who Can Verify You:

Vacation Notice Format:

Quote :

Reason and Length of Vacation:

Unit (RSO, MOD, OOA, TM):

Rank (HQ Overseer, Director of Government, Co-Owner):

Screenshot (Showing Your Highest Ranking Badge Owned by Goth199945):
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Guide: Badge Requests / Vacation Notices / Banned Notices - Format
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