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 Transfer Unit Update.

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Transfer Unit Update. Empty
PostSubject: Transfer Unit Update.   Transfer Unit Update. EmptySat Nov 30, 2013 6:59 am

Hello to everyone who is part of the Transfer Unit (TU) or Trial Transfer Unit (TTU) by being a part of this unit you have proven to SAS you are capable to transfer new members into the SAS. There are a few rules and numbers I want everyone to understand. I would also like to mention Lolage1123BAN2 is in charge of TU & TTU along with myself, Ducking will oversee everything we will do. If you have any problems with TU or TTU please contact us, Thank you.

First all TU badge holders must be active and transferring at least 5 people a week. Myself and Lolage1123BAN2 will be keeping an eye on the forum to see who is pulling there weight and who is sitting back doing nothing. If you are being lazy I will be speaking to you and possible removing you from the TU.

Secondly all TTU badge holders it is your job to prove you are capable of doing transfers, We would expect you to attempt 5 transfers in a week again myself and Lolage1123BAN2 will be checking the logs to see who is doing what.

Finally there is only 35 people allowed in the TU unit and 15 in the TTU. People who do not pull there weight or I feel is struggling will be dropped from the TU unit.
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Transfer Unit Update.
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