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 khaledhallak's Promotion/demotion log

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khaledhallak's Promotion/demotion log Empty
PostSubject: khaledhallak's Promotion/demotion log   khaledhallak's Promotion/demotion log EmptySat Nov 30, 2013 4:08 am

Ill be logging all my promotions/demotions here following the format Very Happy
user promoted: sireharrison919
previous rank:Special Agent II
new rank:Special Agent III <KhH>

User promoted: Malty4496
Previous rank: Investigator
New motto: Investigator I <KhH>

User promoted: Charonchaos88
Previous Rank: Forensic Examiner I
New Rank: Forensic Examiner II <KhH>

User promoted: kleigh82
Previous motto: <SAS> Special Agent III <Lol>
New motto: <SAS> SAIC <KhH>

User promoted: Theou
Previous Rank: <SAS> Special Agent
New Rank: <SAS> Special Agent I <KhH>

User Promoted: attitude:3
Previous rank: Sec. Guard II
New rank: Sec. Guard III <KhH>

User Promoted: sireharrison919
Previous Rank: SAIC
New rank: SAIC I <KhH>

User promoted:ahmedxvv
Previous Rank: Special Agent I
New Rank: Special Agent II <KhH>

User promoted:-o-Lil-Shorty-o-
Previous rank: Investigator I
New rank: Investigator II <KhH>

User promoted: Syafiq7497
Previous Rank: Head of Pub. Safety
New rank: Head of Nat. Defense <KhH>

User promoted: cymzhyper
Previous rank: Special Agent III
New rank: SAIC <KhH>

User promoted: coolfunclovin
previous rank: Rep. of LA
New rank: Rep. of HR

User promoted: Luisf52
Previous motto: <SAS> Special Agent III
New motto: <SAS> SAIC <KhH>

User promoted: -o-Lil-Shorty-o-
Previous rank: Head Investigator
New: Insurance Clerk <KhH>

User promoted: Saud12
Previous motto: Investigator I <Day>
New motto: Investigator II <KhH>

User promoted: theoucapitan
Previous rank: Staff Sergeant
New rank: Staff Sergeant I <KhH>

User promoted: Dayruiswolf
Previous rank: Forensic Examiner I
New rank: Forensic Examiner II <KhH>

User promoted: FAEIRAIDHA
Previous Rank: Forensic Examiner
New rank: Forensic Examiner I <KhH>

User promoted: -Bepop-
Previous motto: <SAS> Trainer IIIp
New motto: <SAS> Trainer IV <KhH>

User promoted: Epicnathanj
Previous rank: SAIC I
New rank: SAIC II <KhH>

User promoted: Keneth_Tan
Previous Rank: <SAS> Sec. Guard II
New rank: <SAS> PA of khaledhallak <R1> <KhH>

User promoted: masterspee06
Previous rank: Sec. Guard III
New rank: Sec. Officer <KhH>

User promoted: Saud12
Previous motto and tag: Head Investigator <L51>
New rank and tag: <SAS> Insurance Clerk <KhH>

User promoted: sam_2013
Previous rank:Investigator <Lol>
New motto: Investigator I <KhH>

User promoted: zhllz
Previous rank: <SAS> Sec. Officer <hpm>
New rank: <SAS> Sec. Officer I <KhH>
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khaledhallak's Promotion/demotion log
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